Sunday, 4 March 2012

Power ballads - Enrique, Hero

Believe me, I am as embarrassed about this as you are. I wish I didn't like this song but we can't always choose the songs that crawl into our hearts. Some enter without invitation.

My head knows this is cheesy, sentimental nonsense but whenever it comes on Magic (which is often) then I admit, I turn the volume up and sing along. To be clear, I don't own this song, things aren't that bad but I think we can safely say it comes under the title of a Bad Song I Love and Am A Bit Ashamed Of.

Much of my love comes down to the video. Have you ever seen such craziness? Jennifer Love Hewitt looking tackily sexy, Enrique's tongue making me feel nauseous, the money! And just when it can't get any better, along comes Mickey Rourke! The whole film seems to be based on Desperado with the saturation of yellow and bad, nasty guys. It even has rain at the end to underline the tragedy of it all. Needless to say I love it.

It's a slice of sunday afternoon cheese. Enjoy! I know secretly you like it too.


  1. I love this song. Enrique Iglesias is my go to guy for Spanish music

  2. Lordy. This is a bit of a curveball. I admire your honesty though.

  3. Diff, you know me, I don't believe in guilt or shame when it comes to musical taste!


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