Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Opening credits - Rentaghost

I was just putting a file back in a cupboard today and out of nowhere came the theme to Rentaghost (in my head I mean, not literally playing although that woud have been super cool). I've not thought about this programme for years but I used to love it.

Claypole and Miss Popov were my favourites. I am sure this is why I like Audrey so much in Coronation Street because she once played Miss Popov! I am devastated to learn that the actor who played Claypole died in 1984, nearly 30 years he's been gone and I've only just realised. RIP Mr Claypole.

Top line in credits here; very low-key but perfect for the programme and I love the little ghost logo. Coming soon... a trip down memory lane with some classic children's tv. I know, I am excited too!

Meanwhile, wallow with me...

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes!

    We loved this in our house too (me and the two brothers). I think this is where our adoration of BIGGINS comes from. BIGGINS can only be shouted. It must be shouted if you see him on TV. Then you must text BIGGINS to siblings. It is a simple thing that we love.


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