Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tears for Fears

Songs From The Big Chair is a seminal 80s album. Every teenager in the 80s owned this I am sure. I certainly did and I loved it. I rarely listen to it now but I could tell you every song on it and the order too.

Tears For Fears were a great band held back by Roland's totally bizarre teeth and singing style. He was very off-putting. But they had some cracking tunes. Let's revisit a few shall we?

Shout. Look at the freeze frame! See what I mean about Roland? A great pop song.

Head Over Heels - this song is my desert island TFF song. I love it so much.

A close second for me is Everyone Wants to Rule The World. This is a perfect summer song.

I am aware they had other hits - Pale Shelter, Mad World, Sowing The Seeds of Love to name a few (all excellent) but this was their big album and these are the songs I will remember them for.  Songs from the big chair indeed. Thanks boys.

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