Sunday, 5 January 2014

Chris Hemsworth

A new year and it's time for a new crush. This one has been brewing quietly for a while, it's not in the Ryan Gosling sphere yet but it's just been pushed up the ranks after a viewing of Rush.

This is a dream of a role as James Hunt was clearly a bit of alright.

Bad boy, smoking, driving fast cars and being funny all at the same time equals sexy and Chris impressed me in many ways. Firstly, he actually is a good actor and he gets the posh English accent perfectly. Being Australian, he has a bit of wit about him naturally. But who are we kidding, that's not what the crush is about.

It's no accident this guy played Thor. His body is well, it's rather nice isn't it? Let's not beat around the bush. He gets his kit off in Rush and I for one am not complaining.

As usual my sister was here first, she announced she had a crush on Chris ages ago but I couldn't see it. I think I was tainted by my Home & Away memories.

His acting chops have improved massively because I remember him being pretty awful in H&A. He does have slightly nitty eyes (trademark - my mother) but I am willing to overlook this flaw because he is maturing very pleasingly indeed. Like I say, this crush isn't raging yet but it's coming along nicely and it's a pleasant diversion to the January blues. Also, if you're not see the first Thor, it's worth a watch because Kenneth Branagh directed it and it's got Chris flexing his muscles and smashing things in a manly way.


  1. You know, I really don't get the Ryan Gosling thing ...... explain it to me

  2. And yes, the lung clearing scenes were really quite grim (although I suspect in real life he was sedated when that was done!)
    Ahh, Chris *sigh*, you are rather easy on the eye. I really must watch Thor at some point!

  3. Hang on, you've not seen Thor?! Or do you mean watch it again? And I don't see how I can explain the Gos to you, you either get it or you don't. Crushes aren't easily explained. However, if you want evidence, I direct you to Crazy Stupid Love and the scene where he kisses Emma Stone in the bar? *sighs dreamily*

    Or The Notebook - any scene where he kisses Rachel McAdams.

  4. Never seen Thor, clearly an oversight *shrugs shoulders*. Am off to see if Netflix has Crazy Stupid Love and will watch it tonight if so.

  5. I've see The Notebook though ..... on a plane, much to the amusement of the cabin crew IIRC! I didn't get the Gos then so I'm not sure I'll get it tonight but I'm willing to give him another chance

  6. I just assumed with your crush, Thor would have been top of the list. And we saw The Notebook together on the plane back from New York. I remember we were both embarrsed at our tears.

  7. My Hemsworth crush started with the Avengers movie and yes, I remember watching The Notebook with you on that flight ....... didn't the stewardess look at your teary faces, nod sympathetically and ask "The Notebook?"


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