Friday, 24 January 2014

Grey's Anatomy

I present myself ready to eat humble pie. I have dissed this show for some time based on snippets I've seen where someone is always crying. Also, the music montage with a band like Snow Patrol playing over people crying. Also, the protagonist has a squeaky, irritating voice and she opens nearly every show with a voiceover saying stuff that means nothing: "in a world where all we have are dreams, it doesn't hurt to sleep a little." I made that one up but you get my drift. Anyway, I had decided Grey's was not for me.

I admit it. I was wrong. You can get your diaries out and make a note of the day. I have been watching Grey's on Hulu (fab online TV service for peanuts) and I am addicted. I started watching this about two weeks ago and I've just finished season three. I am not proud. In my defence it's brutally cold here in New York and it's January. I am trying to save money. Also, I've been sick. Nonetheless, like I say, I am not proud. But damn, if it isn't addictive. My initial impressions still stand. There is an inordinate amount of crying, there is generally too much emotion for my taste, the musical montages are overdone and Meredith is annoying. So why am I watching it? Let's look at the evidence.

Miranda Bailey. One of the finest characters I've seen on television. Miranda takes no prisoners. She's hilarious, the actress delivers her lines beautifully. She bosses around her interns and I love her. I want to be her.

Cristina Yang. I really like Sandra Oh and she plays the over-achieving, highly competitive Yang so well. Another one who has great lines.

Preston Burke. It's all a bit unfortunate what happened here with the actor because Preston is a fine character. I like his mother too.

Callie Torres. I want to have this woman's hair.

McDreamy. Patrick Demsey, who knew? This is a case of being all about the character. I don't fancy Patrick Demsey but man, I fancy McDreamy. He is definitely at his best in season one, he is getting a bit tired and emotive now but the scene in the lift when him and Meredith kiss is dreamy indeed. Plus he's a brain surgeon.

I have major issues with Meredith who is just wet. I don't have a huge amount of time for Izzy who makes bad decisions all the time and George is plain annoying. However, I admit it, I am loving this show. And it's still going at season 10! I have so much to watch. Excuse me...


  1. I knew it! Has McSteamy joined the show yet? He is far more fanciable than McDreamy (who becomes more and more annoying). Yang and Bailey are still my favourites and annoyingly Meredith will grow on you. I am jealous that you have another 6 seasons to catch up on

  2. McSteamy has been in it for ages. I don't really like that actor much, find him a bit sleazy but I expect I'll change my mind!


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