Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Stevie Wonder

I'm having a Stevie Wonder moment. Here's the thing, it's impossible to sit still listening to Stevie. I am listening to him as I write this (Superstition) and am jigging about like a demented woman. Also, how completely brilliant is the above photograph?

I don't pretend to be a Stevie expert, I don't own all his albums and I don't know about rare B sides. I am pretty populist in my Stevie love but honestly, the man is a genius. One of my favourites is I Wish:

It's just funka-rama. It's impossible to be miserable listening to this.

Superstition. Perfection. One of the best introductions in popular music.

Everyone's favourite wedding song:

Another great wedding song. I hadn't properly appreciated what lovely songs Stevie writes. They are so uplifting. For Once In My Life. I love the backing singers on this.

Another great introduction here.

Putting I Just Called To Say I Love You to one side, Stevie also does a fine line in love songs.

Another classic here, this one just sounds like summer.

Unusually for Stevie, here is a more torturous love song. This was used in Scandal. I think Shonda Rhimes is a huge Stevie fan, he features a lot in Scandal.

Lately has always been one of my favourite love songs. I can listen to this over and over.

I could go on. Special mention to As, All I Do, Higher Ground and oh so many more. How can anyone not listen to Stevie? They must have no soul.

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