Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bond themes: A View To A Kill

Googling for this image gave me this joyous visual of the picture disc. I had completely forgotten about picture discs and awwww, I got such a wave of nostalgia.

This was such a huge deal when it came out. I remember my best friend buying it in Boots. Yes, Boots used to sell music. The 80s really were fabulous. You could get your Constance Carroll lip gloss and the latest Duran Duran single in one shop.

This isn't a great song but then, this isn't a great film. In fact, it's a fairly dire film with an interesting cast: Christopher Walken and Grace Jones in one film? That's not to be sniffed at. I couldn't even tell you what happens, I remember Grace skydiving off the Eiffel Tower and something to do with the Golden Gate bridge. It's all very forgettable and not an edifying end for Moore as Bond.

However, the video for this is top fun. Simon Le Bon wearing a beret and pretending to be a spy!

The opening credits are hilarious, check out the neon nail varnish.

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