Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bond themes: Live and Let Die

Paul McCartney has been trying my patience lately with his appalling rendition of Hey Jude at the Olympics and generally just irritating me. Let's rewind the clock to one of his finest moments in a career of mighty fine moments.

This song is a great combination of soul with sing-along rock. It perfectly suits the film and is pretty close to a work of genius. I am not a huge fan of the actual film due to Jane Seymour who should not be allowed near any film or television drama ever. The woman cannot act. Seriously, I could do a better job. And I have a fondness for Roger Moore but he's no Connery. Nonetheless, it has its moments and I can't imagine a better song for it. I love "you've got to give the other fella hell!" Bond themes used to be so exciting. Let's take a look at scary eyes lady...


  1. Got To Disagree With You There PT There Not A Artist Alive Today That Can Hold A Light To That Man .I Went To See Him 'Late December'In Liverpool Last Year On His Final Leg Of His World Tour ( On The Run ) He Came On At 9pm & We Were All Still Singin' Along Past Midnight To All His Amazin' Beatles, Wings And His Personnel Repertoire Of Fantastic Toons & All this At The Age Of 70 !!!! ....Very New To This First Ever Reply ,Don't Know How I Ended Up On Your Blog Just Clickin' Around Like You Do !! Anyway Some Great & Interesting Things I've Seen On Your Blog :D So Going To Have A Look Around ,I've Noticed You Like Your Music & Films , Me Too Check Out This Great Website You might Have Heard Of Called 8tracks !!! I Upload My Music Mixes There No Adverts & Free , I Think You Might Like So My Mixes Just On The Quick Look I've Had On Your Blog Try This One For Starters :) & Then Ck=heck My Profile & View All My Mixes :o))


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  4. One of my fave Bond themes and one that I absolutely have to sing along too whenever I hear it. It's a good job I'm an excellent singer


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