Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bond themes: For Your Eyes Only

Sheena Easton, how have we not mentioned her yet? I have such a soft spot for Sheena. She contributed to the soundtrack of About Last Night (one of my all-time favourite soundtracks) and she got sexed up by Prince and she's fabulously 80s. Also, she was in Miami Vice!

I like this song very much. I think it's suitably Bondish and she sings it very well. The entire song is clearly trying to replicate the success of Nobody Does It Better. The film even opens with another ski chase but of course, nothing can top that magnificence. Nonetheless, a solid effort.


  1. And she was discovered on a tv talent show, the name of each escapes me right now. I remember watching it at the time and liking her then

  2. The Big Time. Can't believe I remembered that.


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