Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bond... James Bond

All this Bond talk, anyone would think a film was about to be released. It's time to consider the various Bonds.

Sean Connery

Connery is the discerning viewer's favourite. It's easy to see why. He is delicious. My mother had a huge crush on Sean Connery and used to say, "ooooh those curly lips, divine". I know just what she means. I also think he had the great advantage of being the first Bond so he could make the part his own. Plus he did those wonderful early Bond films: From Russia With Love, You Only Live Twice and Goldfinger. He made Bond iconic.

He was tough and it's easy to believe women would fall into bed with him and that he'd know his way round a poker table. On the negative side, I'd point to Never Say Never Again. Why did he have to do this? I don't care how poor he was, BAD idea.  Nonetheless, if one forgets that (and it's relatively easy to) then he gives great Bond. 9/10

George Lazenby.

Let me be clear. I have nothing against Lazenby and he made a perfectly good Bond film. However, he is Australian. That is wrong that I simply can't get past it. At all. 5/10

Roger Moore

Roger Moore is the Bond I grew up with. It's easy to knock Roger but he's pretty good in the earlier films. Live and Let Die is a great film. And I have a soft spot for The Spy Who Loved Me. He certainly looked the part but he wasn't tough enough. I find it hard to believe Roger could really fight anyone. Of course, he suffered from the 1970s and the need to fill every film with stupid gadgets as well.

I look at that picture above and forgive him quite a bit. Roger was fun! 8/10

Timothy Dalton

Timothy was a perfectly respectable Bond but he never made a good Bond film. He was a little dour and lacked the humour of Bond. Plus he's called Timothy. 7/10

Pierce Brosnan

Ah Pierce. I do like Pierce. Not just for Remington Steele but for the slight cheesiness he gave Bond. Pierce looked the part, no doubt, and delivered the lines very well. I think he was the best Bond since Connery. And Goldeneye is a really good film. He was a little too suave though. Like Roger, it was hard to believe him in a fight. 8.5/10

Daniel Craig

Last night I watched Casino Royale again. Let me just say Daniel Craig rocks that film. He's tough, he's enigmatic, he's got the twinkle in his eye and he wears the clothes so well. And he's easy on the eye.

Yes, you're welcome. When Daniel fights, you feel like he actually could hold his own. Controversially I am going to say he is a better Bond than Sean Connery. Argue with me if you like but there you have it. 9.5/10


  1. A tough choice ...... I think I love Sean and Daniel equally as Bond. I really like Pierce in Goldeneye and TWINE (easily the best Bond movie from the end of the Connery era until Casino Royale) but find him a little too smug in Die Another Day (a truly dire film). I really liked Timothy Dalton's Bond and think The Living Daylights is pretty good. Roger Moore was great in Live and Let Die but the rest of his films were pretty blah which affects his ranking for me. However the opening segment from The Spy Who Loves Me pushes him up the table ....... oh, it's too hard, I can't do it!

  2. TWINE would have been better without a character called Christmas.


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