Friday, 31 August 2012

Wet Wet Wet: Angel Eyes

I heard this on the radio the other day and was transported back to the 80s in a flash. Generally, like all sane people, I dislike Wet Wet Wet a great deal. Goodbye Girl is a dirge of a tune. And Love Is All Around? No, it's not. Marti Pellow singing style makes me want to stick hot pins in my eyes. Yet, yet...

I have a soft spot for this ridiculous song. Sample lyric: "people say I'm so automatic, people say I am not so systematic." What does that even mean? It draws me in though. It's quite evil. I know what it's doing yet I can't help but like it. It's has a marvellously 80s video of nonsense too. Now I've just listened to Temptation and admit I quite like that too. Oh my god. "Sing along, sing along baby, sing along for the love of the children." Nooooooo! No wonder he turned to heroin.

Be afraid, I just read the group reformed back in 2004. If I never have to see Marti Pellow's face again, I shall be happy.


  1. I hate bloody Wet Wet Wet and I hate this song. End of post!

  2. I'm a bit late to this but wet wet wet are awesome!! And marti pellow gorgeous and a great voice way harsh!! End of post :)


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