Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pet Shop Boys

It pleases me that the Pet Shop Boys have survived. I always thought they were a great band. I don't claim to sit and actively listen to them but whenever I hear a PSB song, I sing along happily, delighting in their sheer eccentric Englishness. I've always liked Neil Tennant's voice and the grumpiness of Chris. It's a band myself and MrPink agree on and regular readers know, this is not a frequent occurrence.

And on this Sunday evening, I present to you a few of my PSB favourites.

Obviously we must start with West End Girls. This is still their finest song, it has a great introduction, a wonderfully 80s video (check out the hair of the people walking about) and it doesn't sound dated at all. This song is 28 years old. *gulp*

It's A Sin. Another fabulous introduction here. They were epic! Unnervingly, Neil looks like Michael Ball here.

My second favourite PSB song is What Have I Done To Deserve This? The sublime Dusty Springfield gives this such class. This is a very clever song, it shouldn't work but does. Another great video.

Always On My Mind. It takes a brave band to cover an Elvis song but this works beautifully because they make it so different. And it has Joss Ackland in the video.

Left To My Own Devices. One of the best disco songs written in the non-Disco era. I love how he sings 'party animal'. The PSB had the best titles to their songs.


Go West. They choose the best songs to cover. I didn't think it was possible to top The Village People (goes without saying that I love The Village People) but this is fantastic.

They had so many songs but these are my favourites. Doing this list I realise what a treasure they are. They are of the era when the UK did proper pop bands and weren't afraid to be a bit odd and arty. I miss those days. Pet Shop Boys = national treasure.


  1. I prefer PSB's Always On My Mind to the original. The Dusty song is one of those magical songs that gives me a very specific memory. Not a special memory, just being on school holidays! They are definitely a national treasure.

  2. I draw the line at saying anything is better than Elvis but I like you Diff so fair dos.


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