Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Summer songs: Astrid Gilberto, The Girl From Ipanema

It's with great excitement I bring you my first summer song of the season. Yes, today was officially warm.  I sat on a hot train and I didn't even mind as it was such a novelty. Sunshine and happiness is mine.

It's possibly going overboard to choose this great classic as it really is a boiling hot summer's day song but I am giddy and overwhelmed by the novel notion that my feet got hot today. HOT! So The Girl From Ipanema is what I bring you. A gorgeous, swaying, fabulous song that evokes palm trees, bikinis, sun tan lotion and warmth. Joyous joy!

This is a rather odd rendition of it but frankly, nothing ruins this song for me. I just adore it's summery goodness. Astrid was the very definition of cool by the way. Still is no doubt, she's very much alive. Here's to a long, hot summer my friends.

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