Monday, 28 May 2012

Prince, Part 2

I made the grave mistake of flicking over to The Voice on Saturday night. It was awful. It was indescribably awful. Everything about it was bad and I weep with despair that this is what Tom Jones is doing. He deserves better. It made me grateful that this sort of nonsense wasn't around in the 80s. I don't pretend the 80s were perfect, lord knows, I am aware of the flaws but at least we had Prince.

I've been meaning to do this since Prince, Part 1, but one has to be in the mood. The mood is here thanks to overblown covers of Bohemian Rhapsody having been endured. *shudders*

Prince bans his music on YouTube so I am going to respect that and not dig around for crazy links.

Girls and Boys. Another absolute classic, this is so funky in a very understated way. I love you baby, I love you so much, maybe we can stay in touch...

Sign O' The Times. Best lyrics ever, ever, ever on a Prince song. The baseline to this is brilliant.

This whole album is perfect, I've not listened to it for years. This blog is expensive, I am now downloading it since I had it on vinyl. Anyway, If I Was Your Girlfriend. I could listen to Prince all day long, he made such groovesome music.

U Got The Look - with Sheena Easton. Oh my GOD, I adore this song, it's totally fab. Your body's heck-a-slammin!

Alphabet St. How does he do it? You could just bop all night long to His Royal Highness. Such clever lyrics.

Now, I am downloading the Alphabet St album as I need to hear Glam Slam having not heard it for years.

Moving onto to the Diamonds and Pearls album (which fortunately I do have on iTunes already). I still love this album, it's so ridiculous. Gett Off, Cream and Diamonds and Pearls are all completely brilliant.

Oh, I had forgotten, Sexy MF. I love this! *grooves* Yes, I am buying this too.

So it seems I am having a huge Prince revival, excuse me while I buy his entire back catalogue and dance around the flat...

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