Thursday, 10 May 2012

Brat Packers on Twitter

I love Twitter and the reason I love it is I can follow stars I loved in the 80s and pretend they are actually my friends. One day Rob Lowe might actually tweet directly to me (@pinky71) and I will actually explode with excitement.

Here is my guide to Brat Packers on Twitter. First up has to be Demi Moore (@justdemi). She was @mrskutcher which was desperately needy and unworthy of the mighty Demi. I am glad she's moved to justdemi. She doesn't need Gorilla Face in her life. Of course her and Bruce were the perfect couple but no, they had to ruin that. *sigh* Demi radiates insecurity. Her picture is her as a kid, designed to make you think awww sweet, she wasn't that pretty as a child. However, click on her page and you get a full on sexy picture of her in over the knee leather boots and not much else. Demi, love, we know you are hot so please, stop trying so hard. Demi tweets in a limited way: a) she tweets to her famous mates to show us she is not a civilian and is actually Hollywood royalty (recent tweets are to Melanie Griffith and Miley Cyrus so she really needs to step up her famous mates for this to work effectively) b) she tweets about charitable stuff to show she is deep and has a heart c) she tweets about nature and hippy dippy shit (recent tweets about the supermoon). She is tedious and I stopped following her for a while but since she is going through a bad patch and she changed her name I figured I'd give her a chance. You're welcome Dem.

Andrew McCarthy (@AndrewTMcCarthy). I never was a big McCarthy fan but he was absolutely a brat packer so we'll include him. His profile pic is a standard shot of him taken recently I'd guess. It's a bit dull. His main photo on his page is weird, it's a painting of what looks like a mountain, I wonder if he painted it? Andrew is yawnsome. This doesn't surprise me as he was a dull actor and never seemed to have much of a personality. There is no wit to his tweets, he tweets to a lot to people so I guess if he was a crush of yours, you'd be in with a chance of a tweet if you tweet him. I've just glanced down his recent tweets and there is nothing worthy of note. Must try harder Andrew, you really should have plenty to say about the 80s for example. It's ok to relive that, we don't mind.

Molly Ringwald (@MollyRingwald). Ahhh Molly, it's good to see you love! Where have you been? She's been having children, I know this because she mentions them in about 80% of her tweets. However, I like Molly. She is a liberal which instantly makes her likeable. She has a nice pic of herself up (sadly not from The Breakfast Club but hey ho) and when you click on her page you see a book shelf. She wants us to think she is an intellectual. Never going to work, she's the high school princess for now and forever. However, she seems well balanced and she is good for an occasional flash of humour.

Jon Cryer (@MrJonCryer). I find it hard to forgive Jon for Two And A Half Men. He tweets a lot about it too. I know it's his job but they don't need more audience and it's a terrible show. Shut up Jon. However, here's the thing, Jon retweets amusing comments very well. He doesn't say much funny himself but he does show good taste in his retweets. So he's worth following. Plus, he's Ducky. Now and forever.

Emilio Estevez (@EMILIOTHEWAY). A recent tweet by Emilio: "the answer is bacon, bacon is the answer to everything" This moves him to the top of my list so far. Yes Emilio, bacon is the answer to everything. Well done sporto.

Rob Lowe (@RobLowe). I've saved the best for last. My love for Rob knows no bounds and I already know he's funny from reading his autobiography. Rob posts pictures! Rob makes jokes! Rob has a very nice picture of himself up and just a blue background (no cover of his book, he's a modest chap). Rob rules. Well, he is Billy The Kid.

I am gutted that I can't seem to find Judd Nelson or Mare Winningham. Anyone know if they tweet?

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