Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Way We Were and Barbra's costumes

The Way We Were is on Netflix. Happy, happy, happy days. It's actually a bit of a mess of a film but you get two hours of Robert Redford at his finest and the title song and Barbra being Barbra. All of which is enough for me.

I rewatched it this week and was bowled over by how perfect Katie's clothes are in this. For someone who is meant to be a communist, she sure cares about her hair, her nails and what she wears. I'm not saying communists can't care about how they look and I know this is just a film but Barbra clearly said she wasn't doing this unless they glammed her up.

There is a scene where she plays beach volleyball in a silky looking floor length jumpsuit! Respect.

I don't think there is a woman who looks as good as Barbra does with her hair up. In this scene in the Malibu beach house she looks gorgeous.

You could watch the entire film with the sound off and just soak up the costumes, the cars, the beautiful locations and Robert. But then you wouldn't be able to hum along with Barbra and that would be a waste.

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  1. I also love her outfits in What's Up Doc; in fact I like her whole look throughout that film. She looks effortlessly cool


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