Monday, 19 December 2016

RIP 2016

It's with a heavy heart and a strong cup of coffee that I approach this blog post. Firstly, apologies for my leave of absence. I've not been inspired by popular culture much this year and who can blame me? The year kicked off with the devastating news about David Bowie and didn't seem to stop with the blows.

I am not going to list everyone who died this year because I don't have the whole day. I am editing it to the list of people who meant something to me.

Bowie. Obviously.

Glenn Frey. Thanks for the roadtrips soundtrack Glenn.

Prince. Prince was my proper kick in the gut of the year. Too young, too much talent and he has soundtracked much of my life.

Alan Rickman. Forget Snape and those godawful Potter films and go watch Die Hard and Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Terry Wogan. Radio 2, Eurovision, Blankety Blank, Children in Need (umm, actually I never watch that), Wogan chat show of the 80s. Terry Wogan was a complete legend and so utterly British (I know he was Irish). Hard for people outside of the country to understand the sadness that his death brought to me.

While we're in the childhood nostalgia phase, Paul Daniels. I used to absolutely love his show and remember being taken to see him live. Beside myself I was. He was funny and a great magician.

Ronnie Corbett. The Two Ronnies. They simply don't make them like that anymore.

Caroline Aherne. The Royle Family was a work of genius. Again, far too young.

Gene Wilder. What a lovely man and hilariously funny. I'll never forget watching Silver Streak as a kid.

Leonard Cohen. I didn't think he'd ever die somehow. I hope he forgave all those wannabes who ruined his song.

Finally, as of today, Zsa Zsa Gabor. She made it to 99! Great name, proper star, nine marriages. Legend.

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