Sunday, 31 July 2016

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

I am not sure any group quite sums up the 80s like Frankie. Recently I have rediscovered the masterpiece that is Welcome To The Pleasuredome. Have you listened to this lately? It sounds fresh as a daisy and is still wonderful. I've become a bit obsessed with it having not listened to it for about 30 years, I can't stop listening to it.

Trevor Horn was a genius. The production on this is so good, the songs transition beautifully and when the introduction to Welcome To The Pleasuredome starts, it transports me back to 1984. I think that's the best track on the album but who doesn't love Relax? That song could be released now and would be a massive hit. There's also a lovely cover of Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Holly Johnson had a great voice. I like Two Tribes but it's not my top Frankie song. What strikes me listening to it again is how well put together it is, it's a proper album designed to listen in one go rather than lift the singles out.  Even Teenboy agrees on the genius of Frankie.

They had such a stunning debut and then it all fell apart so quickly. They burned bright and faded fast but this is a wonderful album and I recommend you all listen to it again and dig out your Frankie says relax t-shirts.

Here's the best song.

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