Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Jennifer Aniston update: We're The Millers

Another flight, another Jen film to watch. She's a busy girl. To keep my Jennifer Aniston reviews up-to-date, I present We're The Millers.

Is it as bad as the picture above suggests? Not quite. Let's look at the evidence. Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper. This is beginning to smack of desperation. Jen, we know you have a kick ass body, there is no need to resort to playing strippers to show it off. Do a Playboy cover if you feel so inclined to show the world. There is inevitably a scene in which Jen has to strip (if you count leaving your knickers and bra on stripping) and it's excruciating. I am honestly not a stripping expert, I've never been to a strip club and apparently neither has Jen. The whole scene is an embarrassment.

The plot: a bunch of misfits pretend they are a family to smuggle drugs from Mexico back to the US. Happens all the time I'm sure. The guy is a drug dealer but small-time and with a heart of gold really. Of course. The young girl (played by Julia Roberts niece) is a runaway and the boy is a neglected kid who lives in the apartment block. The two kids are good, especially Emma Roberts who I was impressed with. I can't defend this film, it's pretty bad but there are moments that are quite amusing and when one is on a plane, that can be all you need to keep you entertained. I can't imagine ever going to see this at the cinema however I've sat through far worse and the closing credits are a joy where the cast sing the Friends theme to Jen. Genuinely funny and worth watching just for that.

Jen, stop taking your clothes off. You'll never win an Oscar doing that love.

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