Sunday, 9 September 2012

True Romance

I said I would watch True Romance and last night, the moment arrived. I braced myself and got stuck in. TeenBoy loves this film and assured me it "wasn't that violent". 

Hmmmmm, it's not long before people are being shot down in showers of bloody gore. I can handle that, it's cartoon violence. However, then there was a very nasty scene, I looked over at my sister who had her hands over her face. We were barely 30 minutes in! 

Since this film is now 19 years old, I think it's ok to give some spoilers so... by the time Mr Soprano is brutally attacking Alabama, I was almost immune. But it's not an easy scene to watch although she does get the better of him and after some dabbing with a tissue by Clarence is miraculously recovered in the next scene.

This is a sweet film despite all that. The love story is cute, Tarantino's script is witty and clever and the leads are very good. I've never seen Patricia Arquette do better than this, she's adorable, and I've always liked Christian Slater since Heathers. The cast is unbelievable: Gary Oldman (horribly evil and looking so young), Dennis Hopper (makes you realise there is only one Hopper), Christopher Walken (he's always excellent and is fabulous in his one scene),  and perhaps the best cameo ever; Brad Pitt as a stoner. Totally hilarious. 

Tony must have been inspired by Ridley as the lighting reminded me of Thelma and Louise. See what I mean?

And the costumes are wonderfully kitsch.

All in all, I am feeling remiss that it took me so long to see this and I highly recommend it if you can deal with copious blood and vicious beatings. It's worth being brave if you're a wimp like me because it's a great film and very funny.


  1. What else has Patricia Arquette been in? I'm having a mental block. Brad is great in True Romance ..... in fact I think I will go as far as to say it is his best role yet. In fact all the cast is superb, and what a cast! Although I have to say, I missed Val Kilmer completely!

  2. Beyond Rangoon! And IMDB shows me she was in an episode of thirtysomething...


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