Saturday, 29 September 2012

Leo Sayer

I'm a little reluctant to write about anyone after my Andy Williams post was followed by his demise. He was 86 so, you know, he had good innings. I am very much hoping Mr Sayer is in fine fettle and has no health concerns.

Leo Sayer could only have come out of the 70s. He had the hair, the silly voice and the general silliness that decade is so fondly remembered for. I've always rather liked him for a handful of songs. Firstly, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing. I almost have no words for this particular version, you have to watch the introduction by Captain and Tennille. It's the 70s in one three minute clip, the dancers, his suit, the set. It's a marvel.

When I Need You. I remember a video of him walking along a beach but I can't seem to find it. This is from the time where it was obviously considered clever to have several Leos in one frame (see Abba and Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody for further fine examples). This is a classic ballad: "it's cold out but hold out!"

Thunder in My Heart. We have two versions to consider. The original in which I think his hair is showcased wonderfully. The first few seconds are priceless.

Then a few years ago, there was a remix. I adore this. I love how he sings 'I'm all yours!" In fact, I'd forgotten how much I like it, it's going on my workout playlist.

Leo is a bit of a figure of fun but for these three songs alone, he is due a bit more respect.

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