Saturday, 22 September 2012

Simon & Garfunkel

I once wrote an essay in an exam on the meaning of The Sound Of Silence in The Graduate and how it was reflecting the alienation of American youth and indeed America itself. What do you mean I did a Mickey Mouse degree? It was deep and meaningful man! It allowed my revision to be watching the Graduate and listening to the soundtrack. Boy, it was a tough life.

Obviously anyone with sense loves Simon & Garfunkel. Simple melodies, sublime lyrics, crazy hairdos and perfect harmonising. What's not to love? Every now and then I think about concerts I'd have liked to have been at and the S&G concert in Central Park is top of my list. I almost feel I was there since I've listened to the album so many times. So with no further ado, I present to you my top eight songs.

We start with The Sound Of Silence. It's the perfect introduction to S&G. Hello darkness my old friend. I can't think of a better opening lyric to a song.

Homeward Bound. The thing about S&G is they make such wistful music. It's not necessarily the music to listen to if you're feeling a bit reflective or depressed.

I am A Rock. I am an issslaaaand. You know, I sound about 85 but seriously, the joy of these songs is how sparse they are; a guitar and singing. Normally I hate that sort of singer/songwriting pretention but when it's done properly, it is wonderful.

Mrs Robinson. Just perfection from beginning to end. Hey hey hey.

Scarborough Fair. Again, it's so sad yet lovely. I love the harmonising in this.

America. Be careful his bowtie is really a camera. One of my favourite lyrics ever.

Now we have a nice chirpy song to cheer us up. 59th Bridge Street Bridge Song.

I guess I have to choose Bridge Over Troubled Water as my final choice. I do like this but it's been overplayed and for me, it's not their best song. Having said that. it's still fabulous and builds beautifully.

My desert island choice would be America, I never tire of listening to it.

This was a tough list, I had to leave our Cecilia, Hazy Shade of Winter and controversially The Boxer. However, we must choose only eight. What would be your eight?


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