Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Slow Smoochers - Phyllis Nelson, Move Closer

I was listening to Michael Caine on the Desert Island Disc archive this morning. I've never been much of a Caine fan but he was very funny and seemed like a thoroughly nice man. One of the songs he picked was Phyllis Nelson's Move Closer and he didn't pick it ironically. This made me like him more. Whats more it sparked a genius idea for my blog - how about we do a series regarding last songs at the disco? How about that? Are you as excited as me?

I practically skipped to work listing possible contenders. It's going to be a fun June! So thank you Sir Michael and let's take it away with Phyllis. First of all, the 80s weren't kind were they? What is that look?! Her hair is bigger than any hair I've ever seen! This is such a classic smoocher, I can't imagine you actually need to move when dancing to this. This is the very definition of a one hit wonder.

I am very sad to learn that Phyllis died in 1998, sorry to be the one to tell you this. RIP Phyllis and thank you for this classic...

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