Sunday, 10 June 2012

Last Of The Mohicans

Can you believe this film is 20 years old? It will come as no surprise that I was somewhat obsessed with this. I can't think of a more romantic action film. When Cora asks Hawkeye what he is looking at and he replies 'I'm looking at you miss.' It's swoonsome, trust me. Take a look:

That smile he gives her at the end. Oh Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. I can forgive him for dumping his girlfriend by fax, becoming a cobbler briefly and being well, a bit odd, because never has he been finer than in this. He's so intense. I could watch him striding about the screen all day long. Of course the other great moment is when he tells Cora to STAY ALIVE! He will find her, no matter what. My god, why has nobody ever said to me next to a thundering waterfall?


The rest of the film is rather good too, I've not seen it for ages but writing about it has made me want to watch it again. It also has an excellent soundtrack that of course I have, I am listening to it as I type and I still love it. It's all rather marvellous really and perfect for a rainy Sunday night.

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