Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hart of Dixie

It's been ages since I've had a proper TV guilty pleasure but along comes my sister with yet another one of her sterling recommendations and I am addicted.

Hart of Dixie has possible the most ridiculous premise of any TV show. Ever.  Rachel Bilson (her from The OC) is a cardiothoracic surgeon (her name is Zoe Hart - hence the show's name) from New York who moves to Bluebell, Alabama to hone her bedside manner. It turns out the doctor who kept asking her to come to Bluebell is her real father but he dies before she rocks up. So she has to fit in to Bluebell life. The craziest part of all that is buying the idea that Rachel Bilson is a cardiothoracic surgeon! I mean, gimme a break.

Anyway, it's thoroughly entertaining on so many levels:

1) It's set in the deep south and that means we get references to Gone with the Wind and everyone drawls.
2) It is full of people from other shows, the doctor she shares the practice with is the VP from The West Wing. Her father is the other VP from The West Wing! This alone amused me more than it should. It also has Jason from Friday Night Lights even though it's rather unsettling not seeing him in a wheelchair.
3) Jaime King is a revelation as Lemon. Yes, it has a character named Lemon! Who her father calls Lemon Meringue Pie! Adorable.
4) Zoe wears the most ridiculous fashion, this fashion would be out there in Manhattan so in Bluebell, it's even madder. Especially for a doctor who is trying to fit in.
5) It has Wade. I have a crush on Wade. I state for the record I am Team Wade.

It's perfect, undemanding teen viewing and I highly recommend it. I zipped through all 22 episodes in about two weeks and you know what? I'm not ashamed. I leave you with Wade who happily spends much of the show with his shirt off.



  1. Ok, clearly I'm going to have stop watching it in 'real' time on Really and get myself to channel crime to catch up!

  2. And I am very much Team Wade

  3. You need to get to the final episode asap!

  4. I've just discovered that the actor playing Wade is 18 years younger than me. 18.
    Think I'll go jump off the top of a very tall building now!

  5. Yes!
    Now I just need to get myself to Wilmington NC!


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