Saturday, 19 November 2011

Favourite scenes from Friends - Rachel , Monica and Phoebe attend a tap class

Last week I was in New York staying with my friend and we decided to go to a modern jazz dance class at her gym on Sunday morning. I do zumba so I figured, how hard can it be? As it turns out, it was really hard. I realised our error as it slowly dawned on me that everyone else in the class were actually dancers. The instructor was surely straight out of Broadway and the whole class felt like a bad scene from A Chorus Line. We had a hoot though, the fact we couldn't follow the steps at all did not detract from our enthusiasm. I hopped around like a baby elephant doing jazz hands and generally enjoying myself.

It called to mind the fabulous episode of Friends (season 1) where Monica has her identity stolen and attends a dance class to try and find out who took it. All three of them are told 'you dance a dance class'. Quite right too! I love it and it still makes me giggle. Watch it here.

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