Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Veronica Mars movie

I am so excited. The Veronica Mars movie is out in just three days. The TV series ended too soon after three seasons and never felt resolved. There is much to be said for leaving your fans wanting more. The money for this movie was raised on Kickstarter in record time. Had I been quicker off the mark, I would have certainly invested. For a relatively modest $10,000 I could have had a speaking part in the actual movie. For $6,500 I could have named a character in the movie. Kickstarter is such a brilliant idea. I have backed Beyond Clueless which is a film about teenage movies. Find out more here. My name is going to be in the credits!

Anyway, back to Veronica. All the cast return, especially Logan. We like Logan. I cannot wait. 12.01am - I really might have to watch it at that time in the cinema.


  1. It opens here this weekend too, hurrah!

  2. Although I've just seen that it has a very limited release; this annoys me. What is wrong with the world that it carpet bombs us with crap like Non Stop and only has Veronica Mars showing at ONE cinema in London *tut*

  3. Thank goodness for iTunes. I watched it last night. It was sold out at every screen so needs must. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


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