Friday, 18 October 2013

New York City playlist

Well hello there my friends. Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I entered a world in which I was trying to obtain a US visa and what with that and a trip to Spain, my life has been a little busy. I needed a visa because I am moving to New York City for six months. Much excitement as I am a little bit in love with New York. OK, I am a lot in love with New York, more specifically Manhattan. Show me someone who doesn't skip with excitement at the smell of a pretzel stand and I'll show you a fool.

In one short week I shall be flying west and as with all major life events, I plan to theme it with an appropriate playlist. I thought I'd share my initial thoughts on this with you.

First up, my all-time favourite Randy Crawford and Streetlife. This song pretty much hums in my head as I power walk around Manhattan. I think it's the introduction that makes it so appealing.

I am an 80s kid so there is always a place for Fame. I love the old cab and cassette player in this. Baby look at me...

Oh Madonna, I will always love you for Into The Groove. I am planning a tribute visit to Battery Park. Goddammit, I still want to be her in this video.

Rapture by Blondie. I don't actually think any playlist is complete without this. Added bonus - it has a very Manhattan vibe. Also, if I can't be Madonna, can I be Debbie please?

It Had To Be You. From one of the best New York films ever made. Sing it Harry.

Only Barbra is allowed to sing this. Apologies for the subtitles! 2.13 gets me every time.

Across 110th Street. I adore this song. Another great opening.

And possibly my favourite New York song from Billy Joel. I love the lyrics to this, so evocative.

Christopher Cross gave us this masterpiece. Well, Burt Bacharach did of course. Maybe now I will understand what it means to be caught between the moon and New York City?

I could do this all night so it's time to close this one out with the bible of songs for us working girls. Sing it Carly! I'll try and avoid having a Melanie Griffith hair do while I am there but no promises...

Tell me your New York songs.


  1. What about New York, New York ...... both the Frank or Tony version or the one from the film On The Town also sang by Frank (along with Gene Kelly & Jules Munshin)?
    Or Manhattan by the mighty Ella. 'And tell me what street compares with Mott Street in July.' I just love love love that line!
    Or Fairytale of New York which I think is appropriate year round, not just at Christmas?
    And surely Stayin Alive is on your playlist? Listening to that whilst remembering John strutting down the street swinging a tin of paint, does it get any better?

  2. New York, New York seemed a little obvious! Yes to Manhattan of course and Stayin' Alive - both are on my list. FONY is a Christmas song - there will be a separate NYC CHristmas playlist... :o)


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