Monday, 21 October 2013

Grange Hill

We're in the third year of this blog and I've not talked about Grange Hill. Shame on me.

Just looking at this photo transports me back to a time when everyone fancied Tucker Jenkins.

We all though Trisha Yates was dead cool.

Roland! Zammo! And the other one!

I watched Grange Hill avidly for years. I was still watching it when I was doing my A' levels. It was simply marvellous entertainment.

Mr Baxter!

Mrs McLusky. Firm but fair.

I was proper scared of Gripper.

It's bothering me that I can't remember the name of the kid next to Roland - Stewart? Anyone?

Proper school drama with London non-posh kids, Grange Hill was magnificent. The day I saw an actual place called Grange Hill on the tube map is one I'll never forget. I still think there should be a real Albert Square as well. Grange Hill explored bullying, school romance, death and of course, drugs! Just say no.

It also had epic opening credits.

All in all, it was perfection. I could happily watch an episode right now.

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