Monday, 29 July 2013

Sweet Valley High

Let me tell you, from about 1983 to 1985, Sweet Valley High was the hit of teenage girls growing up in suburbia everywhere. Needless to say, I was obsessed. I bought them all, for a rather long time. I used to write my name in the front with a kiss underneath. There is very little I won't share with you dear reader.

At about book 30 or so, I stopped reading them. No doubt I discovered Lace or something. I've always had an affection for them, they were so simplistic and fun. I've just looked them up on Wikipedia and am stunned. Stunned and giggling at what happened after I stopped reading them. They went on writing this series until 2003! That's a lot of books. They all went to university and then it seems they reunited for a book that took place in the future. Here are the revelations that had me reeling:

Steven Wakefield turns out to be gay. And shacked up with Aaron Dallas (the football star - do keep up).
Alice Wakefield almost married Lila Fowler's father! She decided on the eve of her wedding she loved Ned!
Todd and Elizabeth were on/off for years. When I left them, Todd had moved to Vermont and I figured that was that but no! And they cheat on each other!
Enid (Elizabeth's best friend) had an affair with Todd!
Robin (was fat, wanted to be a perfect size 6 so stopped eating chocolate and ran round the track and emerged beautiful of course) develops an eating disorder. Not much of a surprise.
Bruce Patman and Elizabeth have a relationship!
Winston Egbert dies by falling off a balcony. Nooooo.
Also, an earthquake hits Sweet Valley and the Wakefields move in with the Fowlers for a while.
I've saved the real revelation until the end. Are you ready for it?
Todd marries Jessica. Words fail me. Jessica who is shallow and wears silver ski suits (I always remember that!) marries Todd. It's a plot twist nobody could have seen coming.

Well. I am thinking I made a grave error by not following Sweet Valley through every book. It's all been going on and I've been in sweet oblivion for 25 years or so. I wish I could reread my 30 or so books but I'm afraid I got rid of them many moons ago. I guess it would look a bit odd reading Sweet Valley at my age but since when has looking weird bothered me? Why the hell not? I'm off to ebay...


  1. Where the later books still written by Francine Pascal? If so she must be rolling in it!
    And also, when I first read this post I thought you'd written you'd stopped reading them when you were about 30, not at about book 30! I was about to be very worried about you.

  2. Francine created them but didn't lower herself by actually writing them! Many people wrote them (Wikipedia tells me). Am giggling at the idea I was avidly still following the series at 30!


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