Monday, 22 April 2013

Robyn - Dancing On My Own

Every now and then I like to get down with the kids and prove I am still 'with it'. Do people still even say with it? I doubt it. I found out yesterday what 'so Dench' means and felt about 100 years old. I discovered this song watching Girls and couldn't stop humming it. So eventually I bought it and now I can't listen to anything else. It makes me bound around my bedroom dancing like a lunatic. I am obsessed with it. And so from me to you dear readers, from me to you. It has 10m views on youtube, you may, of course, already know it and it's just me that lives in a cave. It's so Dench.


  1. Really? REALLY?
    Lord, I must now be officially old as I think this is dreadful.


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