Saturday, 27 June 2015

David Bowie, Let's Dance

I've mentioned this briefly when discussing Nile Rodgers (who produced this) but I don't think I've paid it enough attention. It's no exaggeration to say this is one of my favourite songs from the 80s. I know that true Bowie fans despair at how commercial it is but commerciality has never bothered me. I'm an 80s kid, a child of Thatcher, I worship at the alter of commercialisation!

I don't listen to this song much but whenever I hear it, it makes me very happy and reminds me of a very specific time at school. We all loved this and China Girl. I'd never heard of David Bowie before this came out! hey, I was 12, what did I know? My parents like Neil Diamond!

I love the lyrics: under the moonlight, the serious moonlight! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. It's just wonderful. And it seems perfect for this lovely sunny evening.


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