Saturday, 16 May 2015

Current obsessions

Hi y'all! Apologies for the absence. How have I been spending my time? Well, I've watched five season of The Vampire Diaries which is totally addictive and trashily wonderful. I even watched the first season of The Originals (VD spin-off) and am now watching Supernatural. Which is not as addictive but has Dean from Gilmore Girls in it.

Anyway, I rarely venture into current music but last weekend we had a four year old staying (with her parents, I don't 'do' babysitting) and she demanded to listen to one song.

I was aware of this song, it is so huge it had managed to impinge my Radio 4 listening consciousness. However, I had NOT seen the video.

It's totally brilliant. I can't stop watching it. The dancing, the rollers, the pink jacket, the shoe shine! It does everything a good video should do, it makes me like the song more.

Another song I can't get enough of.

Another work of genius. Not the song but the video. It's so much fun and she looks a million dollars in it. I do think Ms Swift looks a bit like an alien but she is also someone you can't stop looking at. How can anyone have a figure quite like that? How does her hair stay so perfect? I am transfixed.

Speaking of Taylor.

This video is very clever and it's fun to see her poke fun at herself. I am liking her more and more. The song is also good. Proper good pop song. Bravo Taylor!

And so six months after everyone else, I am down with the kids. Thanks to a four-year old girl.


  1. I *heart* Supernatural although it took me along time to think of Dean as Sam and it is MOST confusing there is another Dean in the show!
    The Uptown Funk video is fabulous isn't it? As is Shake It Off. I hadn't seen the Blank Space before vid but I like it as well, Miss Swift either picks very good directors or seems to have a knack for the malarky!

  2. I can't comment on her body; it makes me want to cry! I should add I am writing this whilst drinking coffee and eating leftover pizza

  3. She is young. I bet she doesn't eat much!


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