Sunday, 11 January 2015

Rewatching TV shows

Happy new year. Like everyone, I dislike this time of year. There is very little to recommend it. Post Christmas podginess, grey weather, weeks until pay day, back to work blues.

May I prescribe a viewing of some of your favourite TV shows? I've always been a fan of revisiting classic TV. When TeenBoy and I first met, LA Law was being rerun. I set up a season pass on my much-missed original TiVo and we happily watched it. He had never seen it (imagine his delight) and I thoroughly enjoyed it all over again.

Recently I have been rewatching Gilmore Girls.

This has been my commute watch and I am about to start season seven tomorrow. It's actually even better than I remember. I frequently find myself guffawing on the train. The writing is so good, it's worth revisiting in case you missed any gems. When I first discovered Gilmore Girls I watched it like a woman eating her last meal. I literally couldn't get enough of it and wanted to know what happened next. Watching it again, I can enjoy the story arcs. I am particularly enjoying Lorelei and Christopher and how the writers always had him in the background. Paris is a joyful as ever. Jess seems less annoying this time. Dean is more annoying. I tell you, it's a revelation.

TeenBoy and I have also started to rewatch Friday Night Lights.

I remain convinced there is no better depiction of small-town American life than this show. We are on about episode seven of season one so early days. Since I know how annoying Julie is going to be, I am hating her already. Tami Taylor looks about 20 years younger than she does in Nashville and crikey, Tim Riggins is well moody to begin with isn't he? I am blown away by how good an actor Scott Porter (Jason Street) is. Hart of Dixie made me forget. Landry is creeping me out now after watching Breaking Bad. And those opening credits are hypnotic. It's amazing how quickly this show draws you in. It's still one of the finest TV dramas ever made.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, I raced through that back in the summer. Believe the hype if you're not indulged, it is worth every award and accolade it received. I plan to watch it again in the future. And I am considering my fourth rewatch of The West Wing.

What shows have you rewatched and loved all over again?

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