Monday, 30 June 2014

Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon

This week I discovered my sister doesn't like Pink Floyd. W T actual F? I was amazed for two reasons: a) that I didn't know this when we rabbit on about pretty much anything to do with music, film and TV non-stop and b) that we are related. She had no idea I liked them. It's like a massive void in our sisterhood.

Now, I am no Floyd fan girl. I can't wax lyrical about Syd Barrett and every album they made. But some albums transcend everything and DSOTM is one of them. I listened to this a lot when it was obligatory to do so (early 20s) and have always returned to it. While driving across the desert last month with TeenBoy, I was on DJ duties. As previously discussed, in a Venn diagram of what we both find bearable musically, the crossover is very small. Nonetheless, I took a punt on this because any sane person likes this album and stone me if it's not the perfect driving across the desert music! I was proclaimed a DJ genius and we both had a very happy 40 or so minutes listening to the album and then an hour dissecting every song and why we liked it so much. Being married to a fellow geek has its benefits.

My favourite song is Time: "Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day." I love that line. I also adore "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way." Poetry I tell you. The whole song is a depressing one but it's so masterfully executed, it's easy to not notice.

Basically I think Dave Gilmour is wonderful and could listen to him all day long. I don't want to be shallow but also, he was very, very cute.

Just saying.

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