Monday, 28 April 2014


Suits is a hoot and my new TV obsession. Grey's Anatomy left a huge void in my life and while Suits doesn't exactly fill it (there is nothing like a good hospital drama), it zips along entertainingly. It has many high points:

1) It's set in Manhattan and lovingly shows aerial shots of the city at least 10 times in every episode. I even saw my office building in one episode, very distinctive it was. That pleased me.

2) It has Donna.

Donna is a sassy secretary who knows everything and has an amusing retort for every comment. She is not in it nearly enough but when she is, the whole show just gets better.

3) It also has Louis Litt. You start off hating him but I am just beginning season three and now have a soft spot for him. He is a classic ugly bug who is deeply insecure and just wants to be liked.

4) Jessica's wardrobe is to die for. I watch it and just despair over my slovenly threads. Whoever is dressing her is having a ball. This one made me laugh - how could you possibly wear this all day and expect to get any work done?

Although she doesn't seem to do much work. She strolls around sexily and gives orders. I want to be Jessica. This is a more reasonable outfit. Divine.

5) Harvey Specter. Another actor having a lot of fun, he really feels like a corporate hot shot lawyer. 

There are also low points.

1) The premise. Mike is working at a law firm, practicing law yet isn't qualified. Yes, he is a genius but come on, no law firm would knowingly let this happen.

2) Mike and Rachel. I don't know, they are both really whiny. I don't hate them but I do wish they'd stop being so self-involved.

3) The grandmother storyline is really corny. The writers could have made a bit more of an effort.

These are minor quibbles, it's good fun and worth watching. It's very highly produced and the money is on sets, aerial shots of New York and the wardrobe. It's not on the writers.

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