Monday, 18 November 2013


On 22 November, it will be fifty years since JFK was assassinated. Being the spring chicken that I am, I wasn't born in 1963. In fact, my parents got married on 16 November 1963, it's a good thing they didn't go for a week later, that would have been a real bummer as Roger Sterling found out in Mad Men when his daughter gets married just after the assassination.

Mad Men dealt with the event expertly. From everyone at the office crowding in to watch the television to Betty watching the news at home, I felt like I was living it with them. It's such a great show. I can't understand why anyone chooses not to watch it.

It's very hard to imagine the shock Americans (and the rest of the world) must have felt to see their president die. I try to imagine (god forbid) how I would feel if Obama died and we live in much less innocent times. The only comparison is, I guess, 9/11. That feeling that the whole world has changed forever.

Anyway, being in the US is interesting as the anniversary draws nearer. There is wall to wall television coverage, the conspiracy theories are being aired yet again and I'm looking out for JFK, the film, to be shown. I went to the cinema to see it in 1991 (22 years ago!) and remember loving it but I was a bit of an American Studies geek. I am not sure I'd enjoy it quite so much now but I could happily watch it again. You can never forget JFK in New York, not least because of the airport which I know much more intimately than I would like.

He was no angel but respect to Mr Kennedy.

In other, less serious news, I have two pieces of information to share:

1) The Eagles are coming to London, O2 on 16 June. The tickets sold out in four minutes. Sorry if you weren't lucky.
2) I am rewatching Sex and the City (obv.) and did you know Bradley Cooper was in an episode? Me either! He must have been in his early 20s. 

I am here to keep you up to date on these important matters.


  1. There has been wall to wall JFK over here as well, BBC2 dedicated pretty much all of its scheduling to the subject last night

  2. And JFK the movie is on tonight!


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